Welcome to Ideal America Private Property Towing

Since 2002,

We are specialized in Parking lot Enforcement of your Private and Commercial Property in and all around Houston, Texas. It has been of great pleasure to serving parking enforcements to the citizens of Houston for over 8 years.

We are members of the Houston Apartment Association (HAA) and register by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR). Our exclusive private property towing software, TOWCENTRIC, is the only software in North America that caters to Private Apartment Towing.

Our Values

“We are only as Good as our People”

Honesty and Integrity Come First:

In life, at home, and especially in our business, this has to be value #1. Honesty underlies everything we do and everything we say to every customer, to each other, and to everyone with whom we work. Integrity means that people can trust that the values we state are the values that we live.

Individual Initiative plus Teamwork Produces Results:

Great ideas become business successes through a marriage of individual initiative and teamwork.


We will hold ourselves accountable to ourselves, to our customers, and to all our many constituencies to do what we say we will do.
Our excellent CSI indexing is a score based on our customers’ feedback.

We Are Only As Good As Our People:

What makes us great and keeps us great are the people of our parking lot enforcement company. It is of great pride to have employees that have worked with us since the beginning. Our drivers are a reflection of our company–they are uniformed, professional, experienced, and courteous. They are also certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations(TDLR), and go through complete background checks and drug tests.

Our Mission

To create a company of excellence that provides property and parking lot management. We achieve our mission by listening, being respectful of each other, meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

We look forward to serving you.

Our Goal

To provide services to private property and commercial businesses that result in increasing image and curb appeal of the property.