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Tow Services

Tow Services

Ideal Towing, your one-stop shop for tow services! We have a comprehensive variety of packages tailored to everything related to towing services. We have designed all our business models around private property towing services. Above all, Ideal Towing can help you manage your property without having to worry about your parking facilities.

Our Tow Services:

Infrastructure Enhancements

We offer stenciling, striping, and custom signage services. Your property has never looked so good. With the added advantage of safety and compliance, Ideal Towing can take your private property parking lot to the next level of functionality.

24/7 Tow Service

Ideal Towing monitors your property 24/7. We go through great lengths to document every tow we perform thoroughly. We provide this information freely to justify every vehicle removal on your property. Any offending vehicle will be removed at the owner’s expense. Similarly, we can also remove abandoned vehicles in disrepair.

Private Property Parking Permits

Print on Demand Parking Permits

This is our most straightforward option. It is the legacy method. You order the permits you need, and we provide them. For example, if you only offer covered and uncovered parking with no numerical designation, this is a good option. However, we do not recommend this option unless you do not have a large variety of parking assignments.

Print your own Parking Permits

This option offers you much more flexibility. We provide you with specialized sticker paper that you utilize with your printer to create your parking permits. Perfect if you need to assign many different types of parking permits. For example, VISITOR, COVERED, VENDOR, etc.

No Parking Permit – We identify the vehicle through its license plate!

This is by far our best option. We assign a geofencing perimeter on your property. Your patrons register their vehicles through our mobile app and their license plate works as a parking permit. In other words, we can easily identify what vehicle is within your property and whether it is parked in its assigned spot. In addition, you get the benefit of managing all vehicles through our comprehensive TowCentric dashboard.

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