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Best Towing Services in Houston

Best Towing Services in Houston

Ideal Towing is so much more than just another towing company in Houston. Towing vehicles is the easy part. But knowing which vehicle needs removal might be more challenging. That is where our turnkey solutions come into place. Enforcing your designated parking policies is much easier with a well-indicated parking facility. A badly indicated parking lot can be confusing to your patrons or visitors. This can lead to unwelcome interactions. A well-indicated facility with no ambiguity about where patrons should park is always best for proactively avoiding these types of interactions.

Stenciling, Signage, and Striping

Our Stenciling, Signage, and Striping services are precisely designed to tackle that problem. But as we all know, sometimes things need a fresh coat of paint. The indications become even more critical if you have assigned parking needs; however, assigned parking poses other more complicated challenges.

Permits and Assigned Parking

Permits options are where Ideal Towing is pioneering the private parking lot industry. We still offer the conventional sticker option. However, we have found a much better solution. Identifying vehicles by their license plate is not a new idea, but having your patrons provide their vehicle plates through our mobile app simplifies the process enormously. This allows Ideal Towing to know precisely which vehicle infringes the policies. With our app, property management is in control. You get to choose which permits you choose to allow. This feature is even better if you have, for example, covered parking since you can manually enable or disallow specific permits.

24/7 monitoring

We understand that people might feel violated when their property is removed. If a vehicle needs removal from private property, the removal cost is on the infringing vehicle’s owner. That is why Ideal Towing meticulously documents every tow it performs. Aside from our patrolling, if you need a car removed from your property, you can also directly report it to us.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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